The Family That Eats Together Stays Together

Eating regularly together as a family at least three or four times a week can have very positive effects on child development, self esteem, mental health and will also promote more sensible eating habits.

Order healthy and delicious, homestyle, family-size meals with Family Meals 4 Busy Moms. Bring your family together at the dinner table and bond together, without the stress of standing on your feet for long hours, meal prepping, cooking and cleaning.

How It Works

STEP 1 – New Menu Posted every WEEK

STEP 2 – Email Your Order by 4:00 PM on THURSDAYS

STEP 3 – An INVOICE Will Be Sent To You After Your Order Is Received

STEP 4 – Make your full PAYMENT and your Order will be CONFIRMED

STEP 3 – Orders are Delivered on SATURDAYS

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Saturdays 6:30pm – 9:30pm

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We cater all events from baby showers, reunions, to weddings

Jerk Seasoned Chicken

Can I choose to pick up my food instead?

Yes! You can choose to pick up your order for now. We will be converting to ‘deliveries only‘ but for now, you can certainly pickup your order.

When can I pick up my food?

Pickups start between the hours of 5:30pm through 6:30pm. You are required to pick up your order within the allotted timeslot. PLEASE NOTE that if you do not pickup your order and do not contact us to make alternate arrangements, your order will be donated to one of the local charity organizations we support and you will not be eligible for a refund.

When do you deliver the food?

Deliveries start between the hours of 6:30pm through 9:30pm. Please note that there is a possibility for delays due to unforeseen traffic issues or late pickups. PLEASE KEEP ALL ANIMALS (PETS) AWAY FROM OUR DELIVERY DRIVER. If our driver deems it unsafe to deliver your order, because your pets are not on a leash, you will have to pickup your order and your delivery fee will be non-refundable.

How do I know if you offer delivery in my area?

Please send us an email with your zip code to confirm our delivery availability in your area. Currently, we only deliver to certain areas in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

What if I don’t like what’s on the weekly menu?

You can go back to the HOME page to view our standard menu or call and request a custom order if you do not see any entrée you like on the weekly menu or the home page menu.

Roasted Potatoes w/ Sautéed Onions in a Savory Vinaigrette